Caffeinated sports drink

Water Extra has been formulated for those looking to boost their mental and physical performance in life and sports, without compromising on a healthy diet or great taste. Infused with 75mg of caffeine and in three refreshing flavours, Water Extra is a caffeinated sports drink that doesn’t overcomplicate matters.

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Sugar free

Sugar free and containing zero calories, Water Extra delivers the natural hydration of water, supercharged with the performance boosting effects of caffeine.

The benefits

Combat mental fatigue

Seize the day, combat mental fatigue and push through the afternoon slump with a guilt-free wakeup call from Water Extra that will sharpen your mind.

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Recovery & repair

When enjoyed before exercise, Water Extra can maximise your energy levels, allowing you to work harder and push further. After exercise, caffeine can aid in muscle recovery and repair, supporting you to come back stronger.

The flavours

Whether you’re a professional athlete, fitness enthusiast or simply part of the health-conscious community, bring positive energy and enhanced performance into your life with Water Extra.